Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks of Bihar

Sanctuaries and National Parks of Bihar

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*Map showing the location of Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks of Bihar. Disclaimer

The Bihar Wildlife Sanctuaries constitute truly marvelous abodes for the wild beasts to dwell in as there are ample scope presented to them to engage themselves in various activities. Bihar has slowly but surely metamorphosed into an apt home for the survival of a wide array of wild beasts under perfect circumstances.

Till date Bihar proudly houses a staggering 21 wildlife sanctuaries along with the prosperous presence of 2 national parks which is mind-blowing feat in itself. The Bihar Wildlife Sanctuaries are not only endowed with an exceedingly spacious plot so that the territories belonging to various animals do not merge but also with opulent medical facilities that proves quite very handy in taking good care of the creatures.

The Bihar Wildlife Sanctuaries provide refuge to a variety of creatures that include tigers, sambars, sloth bears, cheetals, nilgai, wolves, wild dogs, boars, leopards, hyenas, peafowls, pythons, jungle cats, serow, Indian civet, single-horned rhinoceros, Indian bison, monkey, langur, chausingha, barking deer, hare and many more majestic creatures. The officials related to the Bihar Wildlife Sanctuaries make sure whether the resident animals are facing any sort of inconvenience or not. It also comes under their jurisdiction to sternly taboo all kinds of illegal poaching activities from the Wildlife Sanctuaries of Bihar.

The prominent names in the list of Bihar Wildlife Sanctuaries are Palamau Tiger Reserve that provides a serene and luscious ambiance for the tigers, Valmiki National Park, Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary, Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhimbandh Sanctuary, Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary, Topchanchi Wildlife sanctuary, Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary and many more.

  • Palamau Tiger Reserve

    - The Palamau Tiger Reserve principally houses an entire caboodle of flora that is every botanists' delight. Mahua, Sal, Palas and Bamboo are the trees that are primarily associated with the Palamau Tiger Reserve. There is also an abundance of small mounds in the Palamau Tiger Reserve in Bihar like the Murhu, Huluk, Netarhat and Gulgul. If you are truly fascinated by the mesmerizing view of a majestic water-fall, you will not be disappointed in a trip to the Palamau Tiger Reserve as it is bequeathed with many exquisite water-falls that include Mirchaia Fall located at a close proximity to Garu, Suga Bandh Waterfalls and many more.

  • Valmiki National Park

    - Valmiki Nagar of Bihar houses a Valmiki Ashram after the name of Maharishi Valmiki who was the composer of the great Indian epic, the Ramayana. It is known that he was at first a person who sustained his living on the things snatched away from others when he was used to be called Ratnakara. But later he was repentant and decided to take penance. He was then blessed and instructed to compile the life of the Lord.

  • Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary

    - The Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary covers a picturesque plot that extends across an area that measures approximately 34 square kilometers. The Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary is dowered with the auspicious presence of the petite hammocks that roots back to the illustrious era of the Buddhists and Jains on its periphery. The climate that dominates at the Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary of Bihar falls a bit on the wetter and damper side as torrential showers constitute an integral part of the daily schedule of the park.

  • Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary

    - It is located in the low hilly terrain of Bihar and spread over 184 square kilometers in thick tropical forests and grass meadows. The best time to visit the Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary is early spring. The sanctuary has numerous observation towers from where the wild life lovers can have closer look at the animals.

  • Bhimbandh Sanctuary

    - It is sited at a stone's throw from Bhagalpur and extends across a sprawling plot that measures close to 682 square kilometers in area. The terrain of the Bhimbandh Sanctuary primarily comprises of a cockling stretch of knolls that presents a marvelous view to it. Being positioned approximately 56 kilometers away from the district of Mungur towards its south-western border, the Bhimbandh Sanctuary is comfortably approachable from any distant nook of the country.

  • Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary

    - It is constituted by an amazing blend of two delectable lakes namely Pataura and Berhale that sum up together to occupy a cockling area that measures approximately 565 kilometers. Individually the lakes of Pataura and Berhale gobble up an area of 155 hectares and 410 hectares respectively. Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary is situated at a stone's throw from the holy rivulet known as Ganga that adds a pleasant feel to its atmosphere.

  • Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary

    - It covers a sprawling plot that measures approximately 8.75 square kilometers. Although the Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary is not that spacious yet it manages to preserve the innocuous essence of the wild beasts that reside in it. In spite of its petite area, the animals dwelling in the Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary of Bihar do not have to confront any sort of inconvenience.

Last Updated on : 12 March 2020

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