Orchha-Garh Kundar

Orchha-Garh Kundar tour helps the tourists to explore the rustic charm of Madhya Pradesh. Garh Kundar is situated in Madhya Pradesh in the district of Tikamgarh. It is a small village, which is named after the Kundar fort.

Garh Kundar is one of the picturesque sites in Madhya Pradesh and forms an important part of Orchha-Garh Kundar tour. Apart from the fort, it also possesses a number of sites that attracts many tourists from across the world. One can also come across the temple of Gajanan Maa, built by Maharaja Khub Singh and the temple of Giddha Vahini Devi in Garh Kundar. The forts, temples and ancient structures of Garh Kundar highlight the rich past of the territory.

Kundar came into prominence in 1180s with the decision of Khet Singh to built his capital at this site. Khet Singh annexed the Jinagarh fortress of the Chandelas and established his own capital. Maharaja Khub Singh Khangar, the grandson of Khet Singh, built a fort in place of the fortress after the death of his grandfather. This fort built by Maharaja Khub Singh was named 'Garh Kundar'. It remained the capital of the Khangar kings, until it was captured by Mohammad Tughlaq. Garh Kundar passed on to Bundelas, who were the vassals of the Mughals.

The fort is one of the principal attractions in Garh Kundar. It is a magnificent complex with a large, spacious courtyard. It is said that Princess Kesar De committed 'jauhar' in the courtyard of the fort. The fort also possesses few inscriptions on its pillars. One can also come across beautiful flooring, which are said to be renovated by the Bundelas.

Last Updated on 19/06/2013