Dinman Hardaul's Palace

Dinman Hardaul's Palace of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh speaks volumes about the respect and love between brothers. An architectural marvel of the ancient times, the Dinman Hardaul's Palace bears relics to the rich religious history and cultural ancestry of the place during the ancient times.

According to a historical legend, Dinman Hardaul's Palace was constructed in honor of the great religious leader, Hardaul who sacrificed his life for his elder brother. The elder brother of Dinman Hardaul, Jhujhar had suspected that his younger brother was romantically involved with his long time companion and friend. Dinman Hardaul who was a highly religious person decided end his life to show his virtuous nature to Jhujhar.

The local indigenous inhabitants of Orchha during the traditional period had great respect for Dinman Hardaul. After his sudden death, the native population started considering Hardaul as part of the Divine Entity and constructed Dinman Hardaul's Palace.

Dinman Hardaul's Palace attracts several tourists and devotees from far and wide who are absolutely awed by the grandeur of the rich architectural building. Amidst the picturesque backdrop of River Betwa in Orchha, the sprawling Dinman Hardaul's Palace stands tall with its over imposing architectural structure.

The splendid edifice of Dinman Hardaul's Palace represents the rich artistic skills and creative imagination of the local craftsmen of the ancient times. Dinman Hardaul's Palace is easily accessible from all parts of Orchha by means of local transportation. One of the important travel attractions in Orchad, the giant architectural splendor of Dinman Hardaul's Palace portrays the strong bond of love between brothers.

Last Updated on 19/06/2013