Ram Raja Temple

Ram Raja Temple of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh bears relics to the rich religious history and architectural ancestry of the ancient times. One of the prominent travel attractions in Orchha, Ram Raja Temple was initially a huge palace of Madhukar Shah who was the ruler of the place during that period.

According to a legendary tale, Madhukar Shah had encountered Lord Rama in his dreams. This propelled Madhukar Shah to build a temple of the Supreme Being. However even before the construction of the religious shrine, Madhukar Shah had brought the statue of Lord Rama and kept in his palatial house.

To the surprise of Madhukar Shah, even after the completion of the temple, he was unable to install the idol within the divine sanctorum of the temple. The mighty ruler then recalled the a small portion of his divine encounter with Lord Rama in the dream where the Supreme Being had instructed not to move the idol from its initial position. As per the wishes of Lord Rama, the huge palace then became a religious shrine.

A unique feature of Ram Raja Temple is its architectural style which resembles that of a palatial residential house rather than a religious monument. Devoted to Lord Rama, Ram Raja Temple draws several devotees from far and wide to seek divine blessings and eternal happiness from the Supreme Being.

Ram Raja Temple of Orchha is easily accessible from any part of the place by means of local transportation systems. An important religious shrine of Madhya Pradesh, Ram Raja Temple portrays the rich religious zeal of the local inhabitants of the place.

Last Updated on 19/06/2013