Panaji Colleges

There are several Panaji colleges that are centers of academic excellence. The colleges in Panaji impart value based education to their students enrolled under their tutelage. These colleges are known for their outstanding academic performance as well as their co-curricular activities.

The Panaji Colleges keep up with the trend of offering modern subjects that have a high demand in the job market. One of Panaji's renowned colleges, the VM Salgaocar College of Law offers professional Bachelors as well as Masters Degree in the discipline of general law. The college boasts of a distinguished faculty as well as an innovative and interactive system of offering the pedagogical instructions. Case studies and participation in moot courts as well as a year long internship are a part of the academic curriculum.

Engineering, polytechnic as well as pharmacy colleges are also mushrooming all over the city and offer lucrative courses that have a lot of demand in the job market. Besides these colleges, Panaji also has some excellent general colleges that highlight the quality of Panaji education.

On the whole, the Panaji colleges strive to built sound and responsible individuals ready to face the challenges in the world.

Last Updated on: 15/05/2013