Geography of Panaji

The geography of Panaji reveals the topographical features that mark the region. The geography of Panaji city also reveals the location of the city in the North Goa district of the state of Goa.

The geographical coordinates of Panaji are 73.5 degrees East Longitude and 15.25 degrees North latitude. The city is spread across a small area of 36 square kilometers. Located on the Tiswadi island, the city levels almost with the sea. It rises to an elevation of 60 meters. According to the census of 2005, the city is populated with 65,586 people.

The city of Panaji lies on the left bank of the River Mandovi and is drained by the waters of the river. Panaji lies on the island of Tiswadi. The city is marked by the backwaters and the creeks that form the predominant topographical features of Panaji.

The weather of Panaji is influenced by the closeness of the city to the sea. The winds from the sea influence the day and night temperatures of the city. The maximum recorded temperature of the city is 26 degree centigrade. The minimum temperature falls to 20 degree centigrade. The salubrious climate of the city of Panaji lures tourists to it. The tourists may visit the city throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the region is between the months of October and April.

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Last Updated on: 15/05/2013