Panaji Entertainment

Panaji entertainment encompasses a plethora of activities such as partying, indulging in sports, television-watching, radio listening, dancing to the rhythms of Goan music. The people of Panaji are known to be very fun-loving by nature and it is very important for them to receive high doses of entertainment in their lives. Several amusement parks having all the latest facilities add to their entertainment quotient.

Television and radio are the vital sources of entertainment for the people of Panaji. These are the popular mediums of entertainment, which airs interesting programs. They are great eye-openers for the common people of Panaji city. Along with providing entertainment they bring about a sense of consciousness amongst the local inhabitants of the place. Even the regional newspapers of Panaji adds to the entertainment quotient as they come up with the most sensational happenings of the day.

Other equally important sources of entertainment in Panaji are folk dance and music. Dancing and singing lifts the mood of the common people along with providing entertainment. Singing and dancing during special Goan festivals and religious occasions adds color and vigor in the lives of the Panaji people. The people of Panaji are quite passionate about the wide array of water and outdoor sports activities. Th underwater activities that the people engage in are scuba-diving, snorkeling, water-rafting and many others. Outdoor activities ranges from bowling to car racing.

Panaji nightlife is one of the most popular entertainment sectors. Nightlife activities involve partying in discotheques, beaches and clubs. The whole city of Panaji comes alive during nighttime. Most of the party-goers are generally the young crowd and they indulge often indulge in the consumption of hard drinks and other beverages. Beach side parties are also very common during the nighttime.

Last Updated on: 15/05/2013