St. Cajetan's Church

St. Cajetan's Church is situated right opposite to the Se Cathedral. It is quite close to the ruins of the Viceregal Palace. Earlier the church was known as Our Lady of Divine Providence. The church has been decorated in the likeness of the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome. The church has been built in a Corinthian style. The altar of the church has also been designed exquisitely. The intricate carvings on the walls are done in a Baroque style. The building of the church has been constructed out of laterite stone. The exterior of the St. Cajetan's Church is made out of lime plaster. The church St. Cajetan has been constructed by an Italian. The church has been founded by St. Cajetan. The church displays rich art and architecture. This church is one of the central attractions in the state of Goa. A huge multitude of tourists coming from various parts of the world visit this monumental structure every year.

There are 3 altars located on the left side of the church. The altars have been dedicated to the family of Our Lady of Piety and St. Clare. On the right side there are situated the altars of St. Agnes, St. Cajetan and St. John. The largest altar is that of St. Cajetan's. There lies a well in front of the church and many people have been of the view that there was a Hindu temple located at the site.

Tourists can reach by means of the local transport found within the city of Panaji.

Last Updated on: 15/05/2013