Cheap Flights to Port Blair

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Port Blair Airport
If you thought that journey to Port Blair is one trip that would require you to have a lot of time and money in reserve, you would be pleased to be informed that you can save on both these fronts by booking yourself on one of the cheap flights offered by several airlines.

With the rising competition among the airlines to attract more and more customers, the price of air tickets has shown a declining trend over the past few years. This has made it possible for an average man to travel with ease without bothering about excessive money he would by spending if he opts for a journey by plane. Many a times there is hardly any difference between the air ticket prices and prices of rail tickets.

Following are some of the cheap flights that you can take to reach Port Blair from major Indian cities.

  1. Flights from New Delhi

    • Go Air- 8333 Indian Rupees (change planes at Kolkata)
    • Kingfisher Airlines- 10268 Indian Rupees (change planes at Chennai)

  2. Flights from Mumbai

    • Jet Airways- 10618 Indian Rupees (change planes at Chennai)
    • Kingfisher Red- 10718 Indian Rupees (change planes at Chennai)

  3. Flights from Kolkata

    • Go Air- 6183 Indian Rupees
    • Air India- 8000 Indian Rupees

  4. Flights from Chennai

    • Air India- 7520 Indian Rupees
    • Jet Airways- 7734 Indian Rupees
    • Kingfisher Red- 7934 Indian Rupees

  5. Flights from Bengaluru

    • Kingfisher Red- 7370 Indian Rupees (change planes at Chennai)
    • Jet Airways- 9870 Indian Rupees (change planes at Chennai)

  6. Flights from Hyderabad

    • Kingfisher Red- 7935 Indian Rupees (change planes at Chennai)
    • Jet Airways Konnect- 9535 Indian Rupees(change planes at Chennai)

Last Updated on 31 October 2011