Industries in Puri

There are several small and medium scale industries in Puri that play a phenomenal role in shaping the town' economy. Tourism, handicrafts and cottage industries are an important segment of the economy. The coastal location of Puri facilitates the burgeoning of fishing and its allied industries. Agro based industries, forestry units, marine based industries, units manufacturing leather and leather products as well as tourism have mushroomed in the town.

Tourism forms the focal point of the town's economy and generates a substantial amount of revenue. This industry shares a major portion of the economic map of Puri and it mainly revolves around the renowned Lord Jagannath temple. Many people are earning their living around the temple of Lord Jagannath.

The handicraft industry and cottage industries have also flourished widely in Puri. Textile manufacturing that includes hand woven saris, dress materials, linen, bedspreads and towels form the means of livelihood for many. The handicraft and cottage industry also include silver filigree work, stone carving, bone work, horn work, applique work, patta painting, bamboo sticks, artifacts made of sea shell, bell metal ware, coir and furniture making.

In view of preserving the traditional art and artisans of Puri and to develop the wide array of products, the government provides all sort of assistance to the industrial units. The government arranges loans, training programs, rehabilitation of the artisans, mobile training and such other steps to encourage self employment among the unemployed youth.

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Last Updated on : 22/06/2013