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Handicraft and Cottage Industry Puri

The economy of Puri is largely dependent on the Handicraft and Cottage Industry, Puri. Many of these industries in Puri flourished because of the tourism industry that revolves primarily around the Lord Jagannath Temple. The temple has also encouraged the art and craft of Puri, and the Puri handicraft and cottage industries are no exception in this regard.

One of the most important cottage industries in Puri includes the textile manufacturers. Kotki, Bomkai and several other traditional saris and dress materials, in silk and cotton, are renowned all over the country. Applique work of Puri is also reminiscent of the temple art where small pieces of colored clothes and tiny mirrors are shaped and stitched together in various motives. These make wonderful umbrellas, canopies, bags, lamp shades, wall hangings and other utility items.

The traditional Patta painting is also unique to Puri city and is a product of the cottage industry of Puri. Animals, mythological figures, flowers and trees are brightly painted on a specially treated surface or patta.

The traditional set of 96 circular playing cards with paintings is done by etching palm leaves and stitching together in rows. These cards known as Ganjappa are fine examples of the traditional handicrafts of Puri. Puri handicraft is also known for the delicate filigree works in silver. Exquisite jewelry boxes, cigar boxes, decorative trays and other items of silver filigree are among the best in the world. Laquer work, bone carving, bamboo work, stone carving and artifacts made with sea shells are popular products of the Handicraft and Cottage Industry of Puri.

Last Updated on : 22/06/2013