Rajkot Health

Rajkot health sector comprises of the nursing homes, hospitals, blood banks and miscellaneous other diagnostic centers housed in the territory. The hospitals and nursing homes of Rajkot are among the best hospitals in Gujarat and provide the best therapeutic facilities to the patients.

Among the important hospitals that constitutes the health sector of Rajkot are:
  • Sadhavasavani Hospital
  • Unique Hospital
  • Sheath Hospital
  • Sanklay Surgical Hospital
  • Sanjivani Hospital
  • Sushen Surgical Hospital
  • Shri Ranchhoddasji Bapu Charitable Trust
  • Shraddha Homeopathic Clinic
  • Nitish Nursing Home
Besides the hospitals, the health sector at Rajkot also comprises a number of a number of chemists, dentists, maternity homes, blood banks, etc. Some of the blood banks, chemists, etc. that constitute Rajkot health sector are:
  • Chemists:
    • Nathani Voluntary Blood Bank
    • Ankur Polyclinic
    • Gondhiya Blood Bank
    • Rajkot Voluntary Blood Bank
    • Om Voluntary Blood Bank
    • Youngstar Blood Bank
    • Nationality Development Foundation

  • Maternity Homes:
    • Sanjivani Hospital
    • Himatlal Harjivandas Kotecha
    • Mohelay Hospital
    • Astha Hospital
    • Sanjivani Surgical and Maternity Nursing Home

  • Dentists:
    • Riddhish Dental
    • Dr Deepa J Kansagra
    • Dr D G Tanna
    • Virani Dental Clinic
    • Dr Zala N H

  • Blood Banks:
    • Nathani Voluntary Blood Bank
    • Ankur Polyclinic
    • Rajkot Voluntary Blood Bank
    • Om Voluntary Blood Bank
    • Nationality Development Foundation
These diagnostic centers of Rajkot largely contribute towards the well being of the common masses in Rajkot. The emergency services offered by the hospitals, nursing homes and the chemists of Rajkot help the people of Rajkot to get immediate help at times of emergency.

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Last Updated on 07/06/2013



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