Rajkot-Porbander tour is one of the most significant weekend tours from Rajkot. Situated along the Arabian Sea, Porbander is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. For obvious reasons Porbander is among the popular destinations in Gujarat.

Besides being the birthplace of M K Gandhi, Porbander also houses a number of tourist destinations in the territory. Some of the major locations that deserve special mention in this context are:
  • Kirti Mandir - Kirti Mandir was constructed by Nanaji Bhai Kalidas in 1950. Kirti Mandir is a memorial of Mahatma Gandhi and contains a number of paintings of M K Gandhi and Kasturba. The memorial also has a library and a prayer hall. The library contains a large number of books on Gandhi's life and philosophies.

  • Huzoor Palace - Located in Marine Drive, Huzoor Palace is a huge palace that is built in European style. The palace is characterized by sloping roofs, big windows and several wings. Each of the wings of the palace is interspersed with front and back yards. Huzoor Palace offers a breath-taking view of the sea and sea beach.

  • Sartanji Choro - Sartanji Choro is a summer pavilion built by Rana Sartanji. Built in Rajput style, Sartanji Choro features beautifully carved pillars and arches.

  • Manu Temple - Manu Temple is dedicated to the Goddess who is said to have brought rain in this region. The temple has a swing erected at its base. It is said that the goddess comes and sways in the swing.
It goes without mention that the aforesaid destinations add delight to Rajkot-Porbander weekend tours. These sites largely attract tourists from the different parts of India.

Last Updated on 06/06/2013