Rajkot Road Network

The extensive spread of Rajkot road network is largely responsible for the continuous socio-economic development of the city of Rajkot. In Gujarat, Rajkot is considered to be a step ahead with great road network. The national highways and state highways are the main arterial roads connecting Rajkot to all the major cities of Gujarat and its nearby states. A significant presence of bye pass and other roads connecting even the small towns ensure smooth flow of traffic all through.

The National Highway 8-B passes through Rajkot. National Highway 8-A also passes nearby and is well linked to the city of Rajkot. The Rajkot city is connected to places within the state by Major District road of 361 km, Other District Roads of 97 km and Village Road of 227 km, adding up to be 685 km in all. All of these are under the maintenance and jurisdiction of District (R&B) Division, Rajkot. The East-West Expressway running from Silchar to Somnath through Calcutta also passes through Rajkot proving the importance of Rajkot Transportation once again.

The city itself is very well connected within. Long distance buses, trucks and cabs also frequently travel to and fro from Rajkot. The road distance of Rajkot from some of the major destinations are given below.
  • Bombay 798 km
  • Palitana- 161
  • Ahmedabad 218 km
  • Junagadh 98 km
  • Somnath 76
  • Jamnagar 86 km
  • Dwarka 238 km
  • Porbandar 178 km
  • Bhavnagar 165 km
  • Sasangir 155 km

Last Updated on 07/06/2013