Rajkot Train Service

Rajkot Train Service is available for all the major cities of India. The city is served extensively by the Rajkot railway station, which is incidentally also one of the main railway junctions in Saurashtra. For the travelers, the train service, especially to long distances, could be covered by train as they are fast and comfortable means of Rajkot transportation.

There are long distance trains that connect Rajkot to Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Jammu Tawi, Bhopal, Dehradun, Secunderabad, and even to south Indian destination like Trivandrum. Trains from Rajkot ply 224 km to to Dwarka via Jamnagar/ Hapa. The other inter-state destinations include Verbal at 185 km, Vadodara at 346 km, Junagadh at 103 km via Jetalsar, Porbander at 151 km and the city of Ahmedabad at 253 km via Viramgam.

The departure timings for major trains from Rajkot are:
  • 1269 Rajkot-Bhopal Express at 14:30 hrs.
  • 2475 Rajkot-Jammu Tawi Express at 07:00 hrs.
  • 2477 Jamnagar-Jammu Tavi Express at 07:10 hrs.
  • 6613 Rajkot-Coimbator Express at 05:10 hrs.
  • 6333 Rajkot-Trivendrum Express at 07:00 hrs.
  • 6337 Rajkot-Cochin Express at 07:00 hrs.
  • 7017 Rajkot-Secundarabad Express at 05:05 hrs.
  • 8402 Okhapuri Express at 13:20 hrs.
  • 9006 Saurashtra Mail at 17:30 hrs.
  • 9018 Saurashtra Janta at 14:50 hrs.
  • 9154 Jamnagar-Rjt-Ahd Express at 06:40 hrs.
  • 9216 Saurashtra Express at 00:45 hrs.
  • 9263 Porbandar-Delhi Express at 18:10 hrs.
For further railway information call:
  • Rajkot Railway Inquiry 131
  • Reservation Computer 135
  • Reservation Computer 443535/6
The train tickets are available from the railway booking counters of the city of Rajkot. On- line reservation facility is also available for train service from Rajkot.

Last Updated on 07/06/2013