Rameshwaram Geography

Information about Rameshwaram geography may come in handy to the people who wish to visit the city on a vacation. Rameshwaram is one of the most well-known places of interest that are located in the country of India.

The city of Rameshwaram stands on an island, which is situated in the Gulf of Munnar. The Gulf of Munnar is located at the edge of the peninsular area of India.

The Pamban Channel is located between the Indian mainland and the island of Rameshwaram. The island of Rameshwaram has a total area of around 61.8 square kilometers. The Rameshwaram Island is shaped like a conch. Sri Lanka is located about 24 kilometers away from the island of Rameshwaram.

The Ramanatha Swamy Temple is one of the main attractions of the Rameshwaram Island.

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Last Updated on : 17/06/2013