Ranchi Tourism

Ranchi, Jharkhand is a picturesque place in India. The Government of Jharkhand has realized Ranchi Tourism has immense potential to attract thousands of tourists to this place and yield great profits for the state. Ranchi Tourism Department and Jharkhand department of tourism have undertaken various plans and efforts to promote tourism in this part of the country.

In order to attract tourists from all over India as well as other parts of the world, Ranchi tourism department are taking help from the modern technologies. They are advertising different tourist's locations of Ranchi through various media. The steps undertaken to promote tourism as an Industry in Ranchi are:

  • A tourist fair was arranged at Ranchi
  • Participation in various Tourism Fairs held at various places like New Delhi and Kolkata
  • Advertisements and articles on Ranchi tourism are posted at leading tourism magazines
  • Various attractive travel and tourism websites are established

    In the year 2003 and 2004 the money allocated to promote the tourism industry of Jharkhand as a whole amounted to around eighteen crore. The places near Ranchi that are taken special care to promote tourism include Hatia dam, Kanke Dam Jagannath mandir, Hoodru water falls, Ranchi Hill , Tagore hill, Jonah falls and Dasham Falls.

    Efforts are also being taken to improve the road conditions and transport systems of the place. Hotels are also coming up to improve the conditions of accommodation of the place. If the government continues to take this effort Ranchi Tourism industry will be one of the profits earning tourist industry.

    Last Updated on 17/06/2013