SV National Institute of Technology, Surat

SV National Institute of Technology in Surat is one of the premier Engineering Colleges of Gujarat. This well known educational institution was established in 1961 and since then it has been educating the children in engineering and technology. SV National Institute of Technology is Government College providing all kinds of facilities to the students studying in the institution. The huge campus of the college has a number of buildings with class rooms, laboratories, playground, canteen hostels etc.

SV National Institute of Technology at Surat offers both Bachelor of Engineering and Master in Engineering program in the institute. The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, approves all the courses that are offered by the institution. The Bachelor of Engineering courses that are taught in the institution are:
  • Production Engineering 30 seats
  • Computer Engineering (60 seats)
  • Electronics Engineering (90 seats)
  • Information Technology (60 seats)
  • Chemical Engineering (60 seats)
  • Electrical Engineering (60 seats)
  • Civil Engineering (60 seats)
The courses offered for Master in Engineering in SV National Institute of Technology, Surat are:
  • Chemical Engineering (18 seats)
  • Electronics (Comm System) (18 seats)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Sys Design) (18 seats)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Industrial Process Equipment Designing) (18 seats)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Cad-Engineering - Cam) (18 seats)
  • Computer Communication (25 seats)
  • Computer Engineering (18 seats)
  • Electrical Engineering (Industrial Electronics) (18 seats)
  • Mechanical Engineering (90 seats)
  • Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering (7 seats)
  • Mechanical Engineering (25 seats)
  • Structural Engineering (25 seats)
  • Environmental Engineering (25 seats)
  • Turbine Machines (25 seats)
  • Water Resources Engineering (25 seats)

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013