Surat Diamonds

Surat is the largest market of diamond polishing, cutting and crafting in the whole world. Availability of skilled but low waged workers and the presence of international market have earned a world wide fame for the Surat Diamonds. Although India produces a very negligible amount of diamonds, the country dominates the world's diamond polishing industry. Despite the fact that Bombay is the commercial center of India's diamond trade, Surat with its advantages has emerged as the hot spot of the diamond industry.

About 300,000 cutters are engaged in the diamond factories in Surat and they have made the city, the heart of nation's diamond polishing industry. The thriving industry was able to earn a whopping eight billion dollars in exports.

Popular belief is that a local business man in Surat had brought a boat full of diamond cutters from East Africa to commence the city's diamond polishing industry in 1901. When India began to cut low quality gem stones and export the finished products to the U.S, business started rising rapidly. This was in the 1970's and till today it has kept the success intact.

The Surat Diamonds face the maximum demand for the Christmas and the work for which starts from the month of July. The Government and the business houses are planning various developments to improve the industry and the conditions of the workers. The government has a taken a strict stand against the use of child labors in the factories. New technologies has been introduced to boost efficiency and perfection.

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013