Surat Emergency Numbers

Surat Emergency Numbers are provided here that might come to your help at time of crisis.

The emergency numbers of Surat can be of help not only to the residents but also to the tourists here. Here are numbers that can help you reach the telephone service providers, the railway inquiry services and the airport inquiry service providers in Surat. At times of severe crisis you can reach out for medical help and contact the ambulance offices as well. Contact numbers for the police services, fire stations, municipal services and electricity services are also provided.

The list below provides all the Surat Emergency Numbers that might be of help during your stay in the city.
  • Telephone Services
    BSNL Mobile (Customer Care) 94260 24365
    Local Assistance 199
    Inquiry 8,349,055,197
    Repair 198
    Change No. Announcement Sevices 1951/52/53

  • Police Services
    Police Control Room 100
    Railway Police Station 7434501
    Crime Branch Police Station 7422382

  • Fire Station
    Head Office Fire Station 2439296

  • Airports
    Air India Inquiry (Kotsafil) 2422357/2696844
    Airport (Mugdalla) 2727271

  • Railways
    Ticket Confirmation 135
    Inquiry 131
    Recorded Inquiry 133

  • Municipal Services
    Surat Municipal Corporation 2423751 To 2423756

  • Electricity
    Surat Electric City (SEC) 108
    S E C Complaint 1912
    Electricity Supply Surat Rural 2573729

  • Ambulance
    Ambulance Services SMC 2414139 /95 /96
    Ambulance Dead Body Service 2414195/96

  • 24 Hour Pharmacy
    Get - Well Chemist 74,308,887,422,040
    Lokhat Mulla Hosp. Medical 7422080,81

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013