Jobs in Surat

The port town of Surat is an important business and industrial sector of the India and therefore one can find different kinds of jobs in Surat. Surat is specifically known for her diamond cutting and textile industries. Most jobs at Surat revolve around these two sectors. These sectors provide for sophisticated, aesthetically sound professions as well as labor oriented jobs in Surat. Besides these specific industries there are a number of other small and big business firms, which also create opportunities for different kinds of jobs in Surat.

There are a reasonable number of jobs in Surat which includes both the private and the public sector. Some of the main areas of Surat jobs
  • Education/training/library
  • Engineering
  • Health care/nurse
  • Hospitality/tourism/travel
  • Management/executive
  • Manufacturing/operations
  • Accounting/finance
  • Administrative/clerical/support
  • Computing/information tech.
  • Sales/business development
  • Retail/food/wholesale
  • Transportation/logistics
  • Construction/skilled labor/trade
  • Customer service/call center
  • Marketing/advertising/public relation officer
  • Legal/consulting/human resource

Those looking for jobs in Surat can also avail the help of placement consultant firms and placement agents who mediate between the employers and the job seekers. There are a number of placement firms in Surat, which locate the vacancies in the different job arenas and offer it to the qualified candidates. The candidates can also enroll themselves with these agencies who would in turn get in touch with them once they find an appropriate job for the concerned applicant. These placement consultant firms in Surat include:
  • Havoc Job Consultants
  • Mo Foi Management Consultants Ltd
  • Barot Consultancy Services
  • Digvijaya Consultancy Services
  • Global Placement Services

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013