Surat Sarees

Ask any women and she will tell you, what is Surat famous for. They will excitedly talk about the beautiful Surat Sarees. The city is famous for its fine silk sarees classified into different type of silks such as Tanchoi, Gajee and Kinkhab. These sarees are exclusive and adored all over the world. These sarees are designed with traditional motifs like peacocks, flowers, hunting scenes and traditional figures.

The brocade sarees of Gujarat are also very much a part of Surat. The unique point in these sarees are that the designs are woven in colored silk with the background being golden in color. Various motifs of leaves, flowers, birds, fruits, figures of women dancers and other interesting figures are embroidered in these sarees.

Surat is also famous for its zari works. Zari is the fine and delicate thread made of silver or gold, which is used to embroider the garments. Sarees embellished with exquisite works of zari, kinari and salma can be a valuable collection for women. The Gorchola sarees are a good example of these type of works and they are widely in use as wedding sarees. Surat takes pride in its collection of printed sarees. Surat is the largest production center for synthetic sarees and other fabrics. For obvious reasons, printed synthetic sarees of Surat are in great demand.

Surat has many large and small Saree shops in and around the city. One can visit even the textile market to purchase some exclusive local handloom productions. If bargained properly, you can buy extraordinary beautiful sarees at a very reasonable price.

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013



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