The Gharchola saris are among the most famous traditional wear of the women of the Indian state of Gujarat. This variety of silk saris has earned much popularity among the people from other regions of this country as well.

The weaving technique of the Gharchola silk saris first came from the region around Cambay. These saris are first woven by using the silk and zari thread. Later they are either block printed or tie-dyed.

The Gharchola saris of Gujarat are generally bought for weddings and other social and religious events. The most popular variety of this sari is one that comes in combination of red and white. A typical Gharchola sari is marked by the large zari checks that are found all over the sari. These checks carry small golden motifs. The most common motifs used in the Gharchola saris from Surat are those of peacocks, lotus, etc.

Finally the Gharchola saris are dyed in the Jamnagar area of Gujarat. This is when the red color is added to the silk after the weaving is completed. Jamnagar is preferred because of the quality of water in this place. Rajkot in Saurashtra is also an important place for these saris.

The Gharchola silks are one of the most beautiful varieties of Surat saris. These saris are famous for the refined technique of weaving that is used.

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013