Kinkhab is a variety of sari from the Indian state of Gujarat. It is an important part of the traditional wear of the women of this part of the country of India.

These varieties of saris are also popularly known as the Indian brocade. The Kinkhab saris are woven on silk. Golden and silver threads are used in such cases. This is one of the major products of the large zari industry in Gujarat.

Silk materials of dark colors such as purple and bright red are generally preferred for Kinkhabi work. Different shades of green are also preferred for Kinkhabi weaving. The Gujarat region is considered to be the most important place for brocade works in the country of India.

This variety is one of the most gorgeous of the several Surat saris. The effect produced by the bright silks along with the glittering zaris make these saris most suitable as a festive wear. To decorate the cloth small motifs of human figures, flowers, birds and animals set out in regular horizontal courses.

Kinkhabi style of brocade works is also used for making materials for other type of traditional wears. The skirt lengths of Kikhabi work are also very popular in and around Surat. Furnishing clothes with Kinkhab work are also found here. You will get some excellent variety of Lehanga and Cholis made of this material. Some of the villages near Surat are very famous for this type of works.

The towns of Gujarat that were famous for producing Kinkhab brocades include Jamnagar and Ahmadabad beside Surat.

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013