Surat Zari Industry

Surat Zari Industry dates back to as early as 16 th century. With time this industry in Gujarat has braved several hindrances but the spirit of the craftsmen has helped keep the industry in the face of extinction. Surveys conducted prove, there are at least 500 composite or semi - composite manufacturing units in Surat alone. this apart, there are around 3000 small household units operating zari manufacturers in Surat and they mainly produce real zari, imitation zari and plastic zari.

An estimated 85% of the zari produced is used in India and only 15% of the left over zari finds export, especially during preceding the Christmas for decor. These zaris of Surat find use in zari embroidery materials, Zari threads, Zari borders and Zari laces. The Real Zaris are made of silver, the plastic zari is made of metallic yarn and the imitation Zari makes use of copper. They are used to enhance and adorn dress materials, puses, scarves, collars and finds use in many decorative articles.

Surat zari industry uses a variety of trimmings, fringes and motifs to make exquisite designs in fabric. Advanced machinery and intrinsic patterns in hand embroidery make each of the products a coveted one. Not only in fabric, zari in Surat is used to adorn materials made even of woods and glass. Co - operatives and associations have grown up over the year to look after the overall development of those associated with the Surat zari industry. Issues like healthy competition, development of new users, financial assistance, training, marketing and arranging workshops are dealt by these associations.

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013