Cheap Flights to Thiruvananthapuram

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Thiruvanthapuram Airport
Have you ever decided to cut on the cost of traveling because holiday expenses in themselves were getting out of your budget? If yes, then what you require is some information on cheap ways of traveling. Traveling in one of the cheap flights offered by several airlines would ensure that you travel in style without being bothered about your diminishing bank balance.

So, the next time you ever have a desire to travel to Thiruvananthapuram book yourself on one of these cheap flights. Following are some of the flights that you can take from major Indian cities.

  1. Flights from New Delhi

    • Indigo Airlines- 6783 Indian Rupees
    • Kingfisher and Kingfisher Red- 7020 Indian Rupees (change planes at Bengaluru)
    • Air India- 7385 Indian Rupees

  2. Flights from Mumbai

    • Air India- 5185 Indian Rupees
    • Indigo Airlines- 6183 Indian Rupees
    • Jet Airways- 7284 Indian Rupees

  3. Flights from Bengaluru

    • Air India- 2985 Indian Rupees
    • Indigo Airlines- 3327 Indian Rupees
    • Kingfisher Red- 3485 Indian Rupees

  4. Flights from Chennai

    • Indigo Airlines- 2421 Indian Rupees
    • Air India- 2590 Indian Rupees
    • Spice Jet- 2716 Indian Rupees

  5. Flights from Kolkata

    • Indigo Airlines- 5827 Indian Rupees
    • Jet Airways Konnect- 6318 Indian Rupees

Last Updated on 31 October 2011