Festivals of Thrissur

Representing the rich religious fervor of the state, the festivals of Thrissur are celebrated with much enthusiasm and religious fervor by the local indigenous inhabitants of the place. The traditional ancestry and cultural heritage of Thrissur becomes evident in the various regional festivals of the region.

Thrissur celebrates the festival of Onam with religious divinity and enthusiasm. To mark the special festive occasion of Onam, the local inhabitants of Thrissur organize several cultural events. The renowned artists of Thrissur perform the traditional and indigenous dance of Kathakali to add colors to the socio- religious occasion.

Pooram is one of the prominent festivals of the region. All the near by temples of Thrissur enthusiastically take part in the grand celebration of Pooram. The temple authorities decorate their elephants with beautiful bead necklaces and colorful garlands who then participate in the royal procession. The temples festival of Pooram bears relics to the imperial cultural ancestry of the place.

Pulikkali is another festival of Thrissur which brings out the unique cultural traits of the region. The participants of Pulikkali color their full body with yellow and black stripes to look like tigers. The artists then act like tigers for the recreation of the audience who are spell bound by their brilliant performance.

The festivals of Thrissur are observed by people of all religious backgrounds. The unique festivals of Pooram, Pulikkali and Onam draws several tourists from far and wide during the festive season who are thrilled with the spectacular presentation of traditional performing arts of dance, music and theatre of the artists. The marvelous presentation of the experts from the field of culture cast a magical spell on the tourists.

Below is the list of important festivals of Thrissur:

Last Updated on 01/06/2013