Thrissur Literary and Cultural Societies

Representing the rich traditional heritage of the place, Thrissur literary and cultural societies impart training in indigenous performing arts of the bygone era. Thrissur is popularly referred to as the cultural nerve center of Kerala.

The Literary and Cultural Societies of Thrissur are known for upholding the indigenous cultural ancestry of the ancient times that has percolated to the modern era. Some of the renowned Literary and Cultural Societies of Thrissur are:
  • Institute of Fine Arts- Also referred to as the Government Occupational Institute, the Institute of Fine Arts gives vocational training in sculpture making, painting and engraving.
  • Kerala Sangeet Nataka Academy- Founded in the year of 1939 on the 12th of April, Kerala Sangeet Nataka Academy offers courses on the traditional performing arts of classical dance, music and drama.
  • School of Drama- The School of Drama provides the interested candidates with an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the field of dance, drama, theatre and other performing arts. The Institute is famous for its various courses on these subjects.
  • Kerala Sahitya Academy- The well known institute of Kerala Sahitya Academy has contributed immensely to the enrichment of Malayalam language and literature. The library of the institute has a vast collection of books, journals and magazines, which provides the researchers with ample opportunity to explore the field of Malayalam literature.
  • Kerala Lalithakala Academy- The Kerala Lalithakala Academy was founded in the year of 1962. Kerala Lalitkala Academy organizes several cultural shows to upheld the traditional art and craft of the region
Unaltered and unaffected by rapid modernization, the Literary and Cultural Societies of Thrissur represent a harmonious blend of traditional culture and modern values.

Last Updated on 01/06/2013