Thrissur- Mammiyur Temple

The excursions from Thrissur- Mammiyur Temple are some of the most fascinating weekend getaways to one of the sacrosanct locales in South India. Thrissur is a paradisaical town in the state of Kerala that is famed for a multitude of reasons that include its spectacular natural beauty, architectural marvel, age old history and cultural extravaganzas. A trip to Thrissur is far more fruitful if tourists drive down to the Mammiyur Temple, located in the propinquity of Thrissur, at a stone's throw distance of 1km from the sacrosanct premises Guruvayur Temple.

Mammiyur Temple is a celestial haven that exudes an overwhelming aura of sanctity. The venerable is consecrated to Lord Shiva and the walls are embellished with wonderful illustrations and exquisite sculpting depicting the epic sagas and other religious milestones. A large portion of the tourists who visit the renowned Guruvayur Temple drive down to the Mammiyur Temple to truly get a feel of the religious zeal and passion, that is a part and parcel of the lives of the people of Kerala. Devout pilgrims who are keen on worshiping the Lord in order to seek his holy benedictions must offer their prayers between 4:30 am. To 12:30 pm. during the day and between 4:30 pm. To 8:30 pm. at night.

Another noteworthy temple located in the vicinity of the Mammiyur Temple is the revered Vadakkumnathan Temple. The temple is a hallmark of the quintessential Kerala architecture. The walls of the temple are vibrantly painted with murals and other artworks that illustrate scenes from the epics and other religious scripture. The temple is also the venue of the celebrated Thrissur Pooram Festival.

Last Updated on 15/06/2013