Begu Hajjam Mosque

Begu Hajjam Mosque is known to be the oldest mosque in the Patna city. It was built by Khan Muazzam Nazir Khan in the year 1510, during the rule of Alauddin Shah Sultan of Gaur. Construction details are inscribed on a wall of the mosque.

The most interesting characteristic of Begu Hajjam Mosque is that the mosque is named after its renovator and not after the founder. The mosque was renovated in 1645 A.D by someone called Begu Hajjam. One of the attractive features of this structure is that the mosque is made of the glazed tiles that were popular in Gaur during those days. The exquisite carvings in the doorway also attract the visitors' attention. The richly decorated and ornamented structure of the Begu Hajjam Mosque in Patna also attracts many nonbelievers to the site.

The best time to visit the Begu Hajjam Mosque of Patna is during the Muslim festivals. Then the mosque along with the surrounding area appears gorgeous, colorful and lively. On such days you can also get to learn about the Muslim way of worship. A grand prayer is held here on such days. Being one of the oldest mosques in the country Begu Hajjam Mosque attracts many devotees from different corners to participate in the special prayers on the festive days.

Begu Hajjam Mosque, situated in the Khwaja Kalan Road of the Patna, is one of the living witness of the rich past that the city has. It also stands as an example of the religious diversity of Patna.

Last Updated on 29/05/2013