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Patna, the capital city of Bihar, is also the largest city in the state. It is known as one of the oldest cities in the world to have been inhabited continuously. An ancient historical background that dates back up to 3,000 years has left behind many archaeological wonders across the city of Patna, for travellers to see.

Patna Tourism

The Patna city is known to be the religious centre of Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Hindus. Home to a varied number of tourist attractions, Patna is known to have had around 2.4 million tourists, as estimated in 2005. It is famous as a religious as well as cultural hub for visitors. The city is world famous for the Patna Sahib Gurudwara, built in remembrance of the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. Various ancient monuments such as the ruins of Pataliputra at Kumhrar and Agam Kuan reflect the historical background of Patna. The Golghar and the Secretariat building are the perfect examples of British architecture.


Patna is located on the southern banks of the river Ganga, and also has the rivers Sone, Gandak and Punpun coming together.

How to Reach Patna?

Patna being the capital of Bihar, it is connected to all the major cities of the country through a well-knit air, road and railway network.

By Air

The Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport at Patna connects the city with some of the major cities of India, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ranchi, and Lucknow among others, via regular flights in and out of the city.

By Rail

The Patna Junction railway station lies on the busiest rail route in India, which is between New Delhi and Kolkata. The district is connected to almost all the major cities of the country by a well-knit railway network. The rail network connects the entire city at six stations namely: Patna Junction, Rajendranagar Terminal, Gulzarbagh Station, Danapur Station, Patliputra Junction and Patna Sahib Station.

By Road

The city is connected via national as well as state highways. It is connected by regular bus service by state-run bus services, along with other private-run buses. By road Patna lies at a distance of 1,802 km from Mumbai, 556 km from Kolkata, and 1,015 km from Delhi.

Best Time to Visit

Patna experiences extreme summers from April to June, normal monsoons, and chilly winters that last from November to February. Due to its humid sub-tropical climate, the best time to visit Patna would be from October to March.

Places to Visit in Patna

Patna has a wide variety of tourist spots for pilgrims, historical enthusiasts or travellers wanting to explore the city's history and cultural heritage. Listed below are some of the renowned tourist destinations of Patna:

Travel Tips
  • Consume the right quantity of water, while travelling during summers, as the weather can be very humid.
  • Avoid display of affection in public areas.

Travel Cost

A definite cost to travel in Patna cannot be determined; as it solely depends on the number of days you plan to spend in Bihar. You can plan a tour specifically targeting a few destinations, religious or historical.

Popular Things
  • Sonepur Mela
  • Chhath Festival
  • Handicrafts
  • Watching the Ganga Aarti at Gandhi Ghat
  • River Cruise in River Ganga
  • Adventure Water Sports in the Ganga River
  • Check out the Patna Planetarium

Hotels and Accommodation Options

The city of Patna offers a wide range of accommodation options to choose from. It has many budget hotels as well as comfortable deluxe hotels, along with the government guest houses. Each of the option is sure to provide a comfortable stay at reasonable rates.

One can find a room at Rs 700 during lean season, which may shoot up to Rs 2,500 to Rs 5,000 during peak tourist season.

Duration of Travel

Around five days would be enough to travel in Patna. You must try to plan the trip beforehand, and list out the tourist spots you wish to visit.

Eating out

Some of the most famous and delicious dishes of Bihar that must not be missed are:
  • Litti Chokha
  • Chaat
  • Peda
  • Kalakand
  • Anarsa
  • Makhana
  • Tilkut
  • Khaajaa
  • Maner Ka Laddoo
  • Dahi Chura Chini
  • Laai
  • Perukia
  • Dalpuri

A wide range of restaurants across the Patna city offer a wide range of cuisines, Bellpepper Restaurant, Tandoor Hut, Takshila, Anarkali and Basant Vihar are some of the famous eateries you can try.


Patna can be a shoppers' delight indeed, with a wide variety of options to pick from. Here's a list of a few things you can buy from the markets of Patna:
  • Madhubani paintings
  • Stone and Bead jewellery
  • Stone pottery
  • Miniatures in paper and leaves
  • Applique work on fabric
  • Leather goods

To serve a shopaholic, the city offers numerous shopping areas for visitors. Some of the famous shopping complexes in the city include; Maurya Lok Complex, Maharaja Kameshwar Complex, Verma Centre, Kulharia complex and Khaitan market, along with Hathua market and the Patna market. The city has also come up with few malls with almost all the renowned brands.

Tourists can also check out the outlets of Bihar Handloom & Handicrafts Emporium and Khadi Gramudyog.

Tourist Helpline Numbers
  • Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation
    Phone: +91-612-2225411,
    Email: [email protected]

  • Tourist Information Centres
    Patna Tourist Information Centre, Patna Sahib: 9471006720
    Patna Tourist Information Centre, Patna Junction: 9471006721
    Patna Tourist Information Centre, Patna Airport: 9471006724

References: State Tourism Information Guides


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