The "Imarat-E-Shariya" is a socio-religious organization of the Islam religion that spreads the message of the "Holy Koran" through a organized chain of educational and social institutions.

The "Imarat-E-Shariya" of Bihar is located in the small town of Phulwari Sharif of Patna. This socio-religious organization was established in the year 1921.

The "Imarat-E-Shariya" preaches and propagates the main principles of the holy "Shariat". The Islam religion is guided by a strict principle and codes of conduct which is inscribed in the holy "Shariat". The principles and the codes of conduct of the Islam religion encompasses all the aspects of human life like birth, marriage, death, education, political activity and social engagements. The "Imarat-E-Shariya" of the region is engaged in various social and political activities that helps in the upliftment of the Muslims of that area.

The Islam Religion believes in the "collective" existence of all the members and there is no scope for "individuality". This principle of the religion, where there is no opportunity to express the individual mind differentiates it from the other religions of the world. The Imarat-E-Shariya spreads the message of love and intense belief in the "Al Mighty" or "Allah" to all the members of the religion. The socio-religious organization enlightens and educates the Muslims through the various educational institutions.

The Imarat-E-Shariya aims to inculcate the feeling of unity, mutual respect, toleration, and peaceful co-existence among its fellow members. It is an organized social and political group that strictly abides by the laws laid down by the religious texts.

Last Updated on 29/05/2013