‚Äč Padri Ki Haveli

Padri Ki Haveli

Built in 1772, the Padri Ki Haveli in Patna is the oldest church in the state of Bihar. The Padri Ki Haveli has an interesting history behind its inception.

The church is seventy feet in length, forty feet wide and fifty feet in height. The magnificent monument was designed by Tirreto, the venetian architect who came from Calcutta. The church has withstand many attacks and act of destruction. The soldier of Nawab Mir Kasim, the ruler of Bengal looted the Padri Ki Haveli following their quarrel with the English traders. In the process, the ancient records kept inside were destroyed and burnt. The church suffered another attack during the Sepoy mutiny in 1857.

The Padri Ki Haveli in Patna today has emerged as a prime tourist attraction. Standing with its intricate details, the church is an architectural wonder. This catholic church is located in Patna Saheb, the old city area of Patna. Padri Ki Haveli was built by Father Joseph from Rovato. The large cathedral bell with inscriptions on it is a thing to see. The church has association with Mother Teresa who completed her apprenticeship in nursing from the church.

The Padri Ki Haveli is located in a very convenient position of the city and it is easily approachable. Both the religiously inclined people and the general visitors will like the place alike. The peaceful environment of the church will be appreciated by even a non religious person. Padri Ki Haveli should be in the list of priority if one is touring in Patna.

Last Updated on 29/05/2013