Pathar Ki Masjid

Pathar Ki Masjid of Patna is also popularly known as Saif Khan's Mosque, Chimni Ghat Mosque and Sangi Masjid. This beautiful mosque is situated on the bank of river Ganga adjacent to Har Mandir Sahib. Pathar Ki Masjid was established in the year 1621, by Mugal Emperor Jahangir's son Parvez Shah , when he was the governor of Bihar.

As its name suggests the structure of Pathar Ki Masjid in Patna is built of stones. Its fascinating stone structure draws many people every year, from different corners of the country. Moreover the historical connection of the mosque has made it a site of interest not only to believers of Islamic faith but also to the tourists.

On festive days the area around the mosque is wonderfully decorated and appears lively. The colors of the festive mood of the local people add grandeur to the beautiful building of the mosque. Special prayer services are held here during such days. Thus it would be best to be here on the day of any Islamic festival if you are visiting the place for the first time.

Pathar Ki Masjid is also very popular among the local Islamic community. Apart from religious functions this old mosque also serves the purpose being a major landmark of the city. It is said that in the old days many social gatherings were also arranged in and around the Pathar Ki Masjid of Patna.

Pathar Ki Masjid in Patna is one of the best places to visit in order to get an idea of and understand the religious life of the local people.

Last Updated on 29/05/2013