Places to Visit in Vaishali

Places to See in Vaishali

Vaishali is a small village in Bihar with a tremendous tourism potential. According to the historians, Vaishali is one of the first democratic republics of the world.
Recent excavations has brought Vaishali in the limelight and the historical and archaeological importance of the area has resurfaced. Located at an altitude of 52 meters, the best time to visit the lovely place is between the months of October and March.

Vaishali is a great place of enormous tourist interests. The main places to see in and around Vaishali are:

Ashokan Pillar

Category : History & Culture
built by the great ruler Ashoka, the pillar is an extensively polished single piece of red sandstone, with a bell shaped capital and 18.30 meters in height. The top of the pillar comprise of a life size lion figure. The small tank beside the pillar is called the Ramkund.

Bawan Powar Temple

Category : Religious
an ancient temple built during the Pala period. The temple contains excellent images of hindu gods.

Buddha Stupa

Category : Religious
It is said that one eighth of Buddha's sacred ashes is enshrined in this Stupa inside a stone casket.

Shanti Stupa

Category : History & Culture
another beautiful and serene Stupa, which is built by the Buddha Vihar Society.


Category : Religious
A holy place for the Jains, it is believed that Mahavira spent his first twenty two years of life in this place.

Other fascinating spots are:

  • Raja Vishal Ka Garh
  • Abhiskek Puskaran
  • Budha Stupa II
  • Vaishali Museum
  • Choumukhi Mahadeva
  • World Peace Pagoda
Vaishali is connected by all the means of transport. At Patna, about 70 kms from Vaishali is the nearest airport. This place is also well connected by railway lines and roads.

Last Updated on : 25/09/2013