‚Äč Qila House

Qila House

Qila House in Patna is famous for its rich private collection of jade, silver filigree works and paintings of the Mughal Period and Chinese porcelain. This museum was constructed at the site of Sher Shah's Fort.

Qila House along with some of the other interesting places is the living witness of the rich past that the state of Bihar enjoyed. Patna being the capital city of this state still shines in the pages of history. The Qila House is one such place that gives its visitors a taste of those glorious days. The place is very well preserved and maintained. You need prior permission to visit the Jalan Museum at Qila House.

To have a better understanding of the glory and richness that the Qila House of Patna introduces one to with the help of its wide laid collection, you can also visit some of the other places of great historical importance. For instance you can visit the Bihar Institute of Handicraft and Design if interested in seeing the revival of Mithila paintings.

Tourists are suggested to visit Kumhrar where the remnants of the famous Mauryan architecture can be seen. Takth Har Mandir the second most important Gurdwara in India is also located in Patna. This Gurdwara was built by Guru Govind Singh.

Patna was also a major seat of learning in ancient India. The remnants speak of the rich cultural heritage of the city. Qila House of Patna is one among those important witness to the grand history of the city. The massive collection of precious items itself speak for that.

A visit to the Qila House of Patna will definitely prove to be an enriching experience.

Last Updated on 29/05/2013