Shaheed Smarak

The Shaheed Smarak is situated in the heart of the city of Patna. Shaheed Smarak has earned its importance as a landmark of the Patna city. It is noted for its historical background and for its architectural construct.

The Shaheed Smarak of Patna city has an important history behind its construction. It is a memorial constructed to commemorate the death of seven students who sacrificed their lives for the cause of the country. The Shaheed Smarak stands erected in the place where seven students performed an exceptional act of attempting to hoist the Indian National Flag during the colonial rule of the British in India. The students attempted to anchor the flag over the Bihar Vidhan Sabha or the Legislative Assembly of the state of Bihar in Patna. The effort was taken by the pupils in the year 1942, the same year in which the national call for the Quit India Movement was launched from the Gandhi Maidan, another landmark of the city of Patna. Under the command of the British Government in India, the students suffered the same fate as several other martyrs of the country. The order of shooting the trespassers was sounded and six of the students died of being shot by the police. The last and the seventh student sacrificed his life before the blazing guns of the British only after hoisting the flag over the assembly.

The Shaheed Smarak stands near the Legislative Assembly of Bihar in Patna. This grandiose structure is also known for its architectural magnificence. Historically, the structure commemorates the daring act of the students who sacrificed their life and is of great value to all Indians.

Last Updated on 29/05/2013