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Nalanda Tourism

Nalanda in the state of Bihar, feature among the most prominent Buddhist tourist destination in India. Once a prime seat of knowledge and learning, Nalanda continues to draw even the non-Buddhists across the world for its archaeological heritage.

A travel to Nalanda would take you where one of the greatest universities were located as back as in the 5th century. Lord Mahavir and Lord Buddha frequently visited the place and found it prosperous and swelling. Later the Gupta emperors founded the University.

There are many myths about how the place got its name. According to a story, the place owed its name to a Naga of the same name. Another story goes that it derived the name from the word 'Nalam' meaning (lotus), which is a symbol of knowledge. Travel to Nalanda to see the ruins of the great Nalanda University that excavations have revealed. Sprawling over an area of 14 hectares, the complex had numerous monasteries and temples. Ruins of daises from where the professors used to address the students have also been found.

How to Reach Nalanda

Nalanda in Bihar is a renowned Buddhist destination. Excavations have revealed a great heritage of the place. Once the site of a great ancient university today lie in ruins. The ruins speak volumes for the dizzying heights, India had achieved in the field of knowledge and learning in past.

Today the site of Nalanda lies in a obscure village. But reaching Nalanda is not a worry at all. Travel.mapsofindia brings complete information on how to reach Nalanda:

By Air

the nearest airport from Nalanda is Patna which is just 90kms away from Nalanda. Patna being the capital of Bihar, Regular flights operated by several public and private airlines connect Patna to cities like: Delhi, Kolkata.

By Road

There is excellent road network that covers Nalanda. Important destinations and cities like, Patna, Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Delhi, Kolkata are linked to Nalanda by road network.

By Train

The nearest railhead is Bakhtiyarpur, only 38Kms away from Nalanda. It falls on the Delhi-Howrah (Kolkata) main line. Several important trains connect this railway station to several major places in India.

Shopping in Nalanda

Huge numbers of tourists visit the place from all over the world. But hardly anybody go for shopping in Nalanda.

In fact, there is not much for shopping in Nalanda. There is not any local specialty of crafts or shopping centers in the little village of Nalanda.

The nearest city from Nalanda is Patna, the capital city of Bihar. Since Nalanda is a short excursion away from Patna, it is best to visit Nalanda from Patna.

There are also a lot of opportunities for shopping in Patna. Bihar has a tremendously rich tradition of handicrafts, which make for great shopping in Patna. So if you are a true shopaholic and can't even think of going back without taking back a few souvenirs or local artifacts, do go for shopping in Patna.

Madhubani painting is a famous craft in Bihar. Practised by the Bihari womenfolk, the craft has already earned a worldwide fame. If you want to decorate your interiors or gift it to your near and dear ones, these can serve as excellent items. Do pick up a piece or two while shopping in Patna.

Other popular items for shopping in Patna are: hand-painted wall hangings to miniatures in paper and leaves and applique work on fabric.

Shopping outlets at Maurya Lok Complex, Hathua Market, Patna Market would surely substitute for lack of opportunity for shopping in Nalanda.

Places to Visit in Nalanda

  • Nalanda University Archaeological Complex
  • The Nalanda Archaeological Museum
  • Nava Nalanda Mahavihara
  • Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall
  • Surajpur Baragaon

Last Updated on : 19/09/2013