Zoological and Botanical Garden

The Zoological and Botanical garden in Patna is one of the most visited site of the city and a big hit with the children. Located in the well known area of Baily Road, the Zoological and Botanical garden is a perfect gateway to nature and wild life amid the concrete jungle of the city.

The place is also called the Sanjay Gandhi Zoological and Botanical garden of Patna. This wonderful garden remains open throughout the year and also serve as a great picnic spot for the residents of Patna. The park boasts of flora and fauna from different parts of the country and abroad.

The Zoological and Botanical garden witness the largest crowd during the New Year's Day and other general holidays. Revelers of the city as well as the visiting tourists flock the place, the crowd dominated by kids and children. They love to watch the collection of different animals, which include the tigers, elephants, zebras, alligators, monkeys, deers, bears, birds, snakes and many others. The artificial lake gives the pleasure of boating to the visitors. A tree house made with wood is another big attraction. The Patna Zoological and Botanical garden is one of the biggest zoological and botanical gardens in the country. Very near the garden is Patna's largest golf course. This eighteen hole golf course includes one of the toughest holes is a fine place for all kind of golf lovers. Amateurs, professionals, adults and even children will like the lush green surroundings of the course.

Last Updated on 29/05/2013