Uttar Pradesh Forts And Palaces

Forts & Palaces in Uttar Pradesh

Allahabad Fort

The Allahabad Fort of Uttar Pradesh is built in 1583 by Emperor Akbar near the banks of the river Yamuna. The majestic Allahabad Fort is one of the largest fort built during Akbar's reign. The Allahabad Fort of Uttar Pradesh is matchless in its architectural design and craftsmanship. You will find three splendid galleries laid by high towers inside the Allahabad Fort, Uttar Pradesh.
Today, the Allahabad Fort in Uttar Pradesh is utilized by the Indian army. You need to take permission if you wish to visit the Allahabad Fort but only a limited area is open to visitors. The Allahabad Fort in Uttar Pradesh comprises of heavy walls and three gateways flanked by high towers.

You will find a 'Zenana' or harem and Jodhabai Palace inside the Allahabad Fort at Uttar Pradesh. There is an Ashoka pillar belonging to the 3rd centuary B.C, a well called the 'Saraswati Koop', Patalpuri or the underground temple and the very old 'Akshaya Vata' inside the Allahabad Fort.

Chunargarh Fort

The Chunargarh Fort is situated about 45 kilometers from the Varanasi in the Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh. The Chunargarh Fort was said to be constructed by the Maharaja Vikramaditya, the king of Ujjain in the 56 BC. The Chunargarh Fort of Uttar Pradesh is one of the ancient forts of India which still stands erect surviving the ravages of time.

The historic Chunargarh Fort of Uttar Pradesh passed in the hands of many kings and emperors ruling India in the past. The Chunargarh Fort was possessed by the Mogul ruler Babur as well as the Afghan Governor Sher Shah Suri. History reveals that Sher Shah Suri possessed the Chunargarh Fort in Uttar Pradesh after marrying Taj Khan's widow, the Governor of Ibrahim Lodhi.

In the year 1531, Babur's son Humayun attempted to annex the Chunargarh Fort in Uttar Pradesh from the possession of Sher Shah. But he was badly defeated. Much later, emperor Akbar captured the Chunargarh Fort in 1574 when Sher Shah Suri died. The Chunargarh Fort at Uttar Pradesh was under the possession of the Mughal Emperors till 1772 but later the British East India Company annexed the Chunargarh Fort at Uttar Pradesh from the Mughals.

Ramgarh Fort

The Ramgarh Fort of Uttar Pradesh is popularly called the fort of Royal Scion of Varanasi. The Ramgarh Fort lies in the leeward side of the holy Ganges in Varanasi. The Ramgarh Fort of Uttar Pradesh is very aesthetically designed, but it is very small comparison to other forts of the state.

The Ramgarh Fort is believed to be built by Raja Ram Chander, a notable ruler of the Chandela Rajput dynasty.

During that period, the Chandela rulers were believed to be the great patrons of art and architecture. Apart from the Ramgarh Fort in Uttar Pradesh, the king commissioned fro the town of Ramshere.

The Ramgarh Fort in Uttar Pradesh functioned as the royal Government of Kutlehar, during the reign of Raja Saheb Bahadur, but later it was shifted to the Charatgarh fort. The Ramgarh Fort at Uttar Pradesh basically served as the residential quarters for the the royal family in the past but later it was handed over to the Indian Government.

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