Rangbhoomi is one of major attraction in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh and tourists visit this interesting place every year. Rangbhoomi in Mathura is situated opposite to the Mathura post office.

Reaching Rangbhoomi in Mathura

Rangbhomi in Mathura can be easily reached by taxi,rickshaw and private cars. The other tourist spots are also close by and can be easily reached from Rangbhoomi.

Rangbhoomi Attractions

Rangbhoomi has great economical significance as it was a part of the Mauryan Empire. According to the legend, Rangbhoomi is the wrestling area where Lord Krishna defeated and killed his maternal uncle Kansa and also freed his parents from the prison. Kansa had kept his sister and husband prisoners and he killed all their children but was unsuccessful in killing Krishna who was saved by his father, Basudev. The Vishram Ghat is close by and it is said that Lord Krishna took rest at this ghat after killing Kansa.

Last Updated on : May 09, 2013