Uttarakhand Population

The Population of Uttarakhand as per the census of 2011 is 10,116,752. Out of these, the males constitute of 5,154,178 and females comprise of 4,962,574. The state had a growth rate of 19.17% over the last census. The male to female ratio is 1000: 963 and the population density is 189 per square kilometer.

Out of the total population of Uttarakhand 69.45% resides in the rural areas. The total Rural Population of Uttarakhand is 7,025,583. The rest of the 30.55% resides in urban areas. The total Urban Population of Uttarakhand is 3,091,169. The Literacy Rate of Uttarakhand is 79.63 % with Male Literacy at 88.33 % and Female Literacy at 70.70 %. The Total Literate population of the state is 6,997,433.

The population of Uttarakhand mainly compromises of Garhwali and Kumaoni tribe who are famously known as Pahari. The other local tribes are Jaunsari, Bhotia, Buksha, Tharu, Jadh, Marcha, Tolcha, Shauka, Gujjar and Raji. Uttarakhand population also comprises of Punjabis, Nepalis, Bengalis and Tibetan. Most of the people here are Rajput. About 90% of the total population in Uttarakhand follows the Hindu religion.

Agriculture is among the most important sectors of the economy in Uttarakhand. A large part of the population is engaged in this occupation. Other major economic sectors in Uttarakhand in include tourism and hydropower. The service sector mainly includes IT, higher education and banking. Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and automobile industries are also coming up in the state.

The language used by the majority of the population of Uttarakhand is Hindi. The population of Central Pahari region use Kumaoni and Garhwali while the tribal communities speak in Jaunsari and Bhotiya. The people of Uttarakhand are said to be very creative and cheerful.

Last Updated on 5 March 2013