Information on Uttarakhand Railways

Railways is one of the most important modes of transport in Uttarakhand. Railways in Uttarakhand is in a developing phase. Uttarakhand is connected to most of the states through its railways. Moreover, the railway routes have been carved out in such places that offer you the picturesque locales of the state while traveling through the Uttarakhand railways. This is why people prefer Uttarakhand railways.

The most important railway station in Uttarakhand is the one at Kathgodam which is 35 kilometers away from Nainital. The last terminus of broad gauze line of North East Railways is Kathgodam railway station. This railway connects Nainital with Delhi, Dehradun and Howrah. Other famous railway stations of Uttarakhand are at Lalkua and Haldwani.

The railways at Uttrakhand, being the cheapest mode of transport, is used by most of the tourists. After getting down at Kathgodam railway station, you can hire a taxi or catch a bus from Kathgodam or Haldwani. You can also avail shared taxis from these places.

If you want to book return ticket of railways in Uttarakhand, then you can use the computerized reservation counters at Nainital bus stand, Kathgodam, Haldwani and Lalkua railway stations.

The time schedule for some of the major up trains of Uttarakhand railways are as follows :

Train Number Train Name From Station To Station Departure Time
15014 Ranikhet Express Kathgodam Delhi 20:40
13020 Bagh Express Kathgodam Howrah 21:55
15036 Uttaranchal Sampark Kranti Express Kathgodam Delhi 08:50
15307 Nainital Express Lalkua Lucknow 20:45
14119 Kathgodam Dehradun Express Kathgodam Dehradun 19:40
15312 Kumaon Express Lalkua Mathura 19:00

The schedule chart of down trains of Uttarakhand railways are listed below :

Train Number Train Name From Station To Station Arrival Time
15035 Uttaranchal Sampark Kranti Express Delhi Kathgodam 22:45
15013 Ranikhet Express Delhi Kathgodam 06:05
13019 Bagh Express Howrah Kathgodam 09:35
15308 Nainital Express Lucknow Lalkua 06:30
14120 Dehradun Kathgodam Express Dehradun Kathgodam 07:25
15311 Kumaon Express Mathura Lalkua 08:30

Last Updated on 4 March 2013