Ishu Patel

Ishu Patel is one of the eminent personalities of Vadodara. He is a world-class producer, animator and director who is known for his profound versatility. He has worked for the National Film Board of Canada from the year 1971 to 1993. He has won awards for excellence in film producing and animations. He is the producer of two great animated movies called the "Beads Game" and "Paradise". He is said to be a teacher of animations in the country of India.

The film-maker Ishu Patel was born in a small town named Jalsan near Ahmedabad. He graduated from the University of Maharaja Sayaji Rao in Vadodara. During his college days he has been associated with Henri Cartier Bresson and also had the privilege of working under him for sometime.

He later on joined the National Film Board of Canada and received the opportunity of learning about film-making in great detail. Remaining associated with the film board of Canada he produced an outstanding film called " Bead Game" for which he was nominated with an academy award.

It has been said that he gained mastery over teaching as well. He taught in various places such as in the University of Hawaii and also in Japan, Korea and Yugoslavia. He has condcuted many film programs in various parts of the world. He has delivered lectures in the USC School of Cinema-Television, National Institute of Design and Division of Animation and Digital Arts. He is a personality who is innately creative in nature and is best known for his animation movies and intense works of art.

Last Updated on: 8/05/2013