Manilal Doctor

One of the famous Vadodara people of all time, Manilal Doctor was an active freedom fighter, a social worker and an able lawyer. Born in 1881 to a well known family of Vadodara, Manilal received his early education in the city itself. He went to London to complete his barrister-ship.

A patriot at heart, Manilal Doctor came back to India and soon dedicated himself to the social improvement of his countrymen. He joined the Servants of India Society to carry on with his mission.

Manilal Doctor went to Mauritius and settled there. He championed the cause of Indian immigrants there. Manilal also published a newspaper to spread the message of liberty, equality and fraternity. Manilal went to Fiji from Mauritius and kept up the good work there also. In 1916, he published a English - Hindi bilingual newspaper called the Indian Settler, which became very popular among the Indian immigrants. He was the man behind the formation of the British Indian Association of Fiji. However, following his differences with the government of Fiji, he left the country and returned to India.

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