Language of Visakhapatnam

The official language of Visakhapatnam is Telugu. It is also the most widely spoken language of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Two dialects of Telugu are spoken by the people, the common dialect and the Uttarandha dialect. The latter is mainly spoken by the people who originally belong to the districts of Vizianagaram and Srikakulam.

Besides Telugu, Hindi is the second most popular language of Visakhapatnam. Visakhapatnam is a cosmopolitan city where people from different parts of India reside. As a result, Hindi is the mode of communication among them. Besides Hindi, English is also popular among the masses. A number of people visit Vizag from all corners of the country and the world for business and professional reasons, which is the reason why English is popular among the people.

A substantial population of Visakhapatnam comprise Bengalis and Oriyas. Therefore, these two languages are also widely spoken in this coastal city of Andhra Pradesh.

Last Updated on: 7/05/2013