Kerala Telephone Directory

Maps Of India provides you an extensive phone guide, a directory of the telephone listings of all services a tourist to the state may require.

  • Ambulance- A listing of the various ambulance services available in the major cities of Kerala.

  • Blood Banks- Contact numbers of the blood banks across the state for emergency purpose.

  • Hospitals- Medical help at hand in all the tourist spots in Kerala. The location and contact numbers of major hospitals across the state.

  • 24 Hr Pharmacies- Day night Pharmacies in the state, pharmacists and chemists who stock products ranging from over- the counter-drugs to life saving medicines.

  • Electricity- The emergency contacts of the state electricity supply offices for use during a blackout.

  • Fire- Directory of the Fire and Rescue department offices in the state.

  • Police- Contact numbers of the police control rooms, railway and highway police, and every police station in the state.

  • Telephone- A listing of the state's telephone department.

  • Air Transport- Directory of the major airports in the state and the airline companies providing air service in Kerala.

  • Road Transport- Road Transport related directory information.

  • Rail Transport- Directory of the major airports in the state.

  • Kerala Tourism- Tourism directory; numbers of the government of Kerala's tourism department and major KTDC offices.



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