Telephone Numbers of Hospitals in Kerala

Kerala boasts of qualified and competent professionals in the Ayurveda, Allopathic and Dental fields of medicine and also offers superior quality treatments and facilities in its large number of hospitals. Lots of patients come from outside Kerala to pursue treatments in this state at an affordable price. Here is a list of phone numbers of all the hospitals in Kerala, which can be referred to during the hour of.

Kerala Institute of Medical Science0471-2447575, 2447676
Regional Cancer Centre91-471-2442541
Samad IVF Hospital 0471-2474203, 245192
Santhwana ENT Hospital 0471 - 2433030, 2432121, 2435490
Chelsa Medical Care 0471-2342252
KJK Hospital 0471 2544080
Divya Prabha Eye Hospital 0471-2442050
G.G. Hospital 0471-2557744
Geethanjali Hospital0471-2232677
Jubilee Memorial Hospital 0471-2334564
K J Hospital 0471-2323772
Al-Arif Hospitals 0471-2381715, 2381679, 2380917
Kalyan Hospital 0471-2460076
Mulamootil Medical Centre 0471-2331789
Nirmala Hospital Complex0471-2445320
Palpu Memorial Hospital 0471-2445832
Providence Hospital 0471-2360636
Dr. K. N. Pai Heart Foundation 0471-2446220, 2444304
Santhigiri Ayurveda and Siddha Hospital0471-2419315
Sree Ramakrishna Hospital 0471-2322125
Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for
Medical Sciences & Technology 0 471 - 2340801
Sree Uthradom Thirunal Hospital 0471-2446220
St. Jude Medical Centre 0471-2345513
The India Hospital0471-2333193, 2331445
The Lords Hospital Anayara0471-2742323
Thrani Center for Crisis Control0471-2300334
A.D.S Scan and Hospitals0471-2447262
Cosmopolitan Hospital 0471-2448182
Anadiyil Hospital 0471-2307624
Arumana Hospital0471-2451439, 2450785
BNV Hospital Pvt Ltd0471-2381508, 2380736,

Abraham's Infertility Research of Gynaec Centre0481 - 2425919
Caritas Hospital 0481-2790025
C. M. C. Diagnostic Centre 0481-2599923
Indo- American Hospital 0482 - 673281 / 673282
Matha Hospital
S.J.Eye Hospital & Research Institute. 0481 2487164, 9447048716
Thengana Medical Mission Hospital 0481 - 474242 / 473237
Immaculate Heart of Mary Hospital 0482-2802648
Institute of Child Health 0481-2597344
Mangalam Diagnostic Research Centre 0481-2567639, 2569668
Holy Family Clinics 0481-2571440
H and W Cardiac Centre0481-2302723
Anugraha Hospital0481-2583060
Ashakendram Hospital 0481-2597864
Ayyappa Sevasagam 0481-2563391
Bharath Hospital 0481-2597177
Champakassery Hospital0481-2535265
Cheriapally Hospital0481-2566588
City Hospital 0481-2582460
Dhanwanthari Centre 0481-2598935, 2598659

Samad IVF Hospital 91-474-2798706
Aravind Medical Centre 0474-2680477
Assisi Attonment Hospital 0474-2523312
Assisi Hospital 0475-2304221
Aswinimadom Pharmacy 0474-2742413
Bishop Bensigar Hospital 0474-2742332
C.S.I. Hospital0474-2741501
Christuraj Hospital 0474-2452512
Co-operatives Hospital 0474-2501992
D.J.M. Hospital 0474-2250226
Dr. Nair's Hospital0474-2749411
E.S.I. Hospital0474-2795146
Govt. Thaluk Hospital0474-2453985
Govt. Victoria Hospital0474-2752700
Holly Cross Hospital 0474-2530121
Nanni Memorial Hospital0474-2795145
R.Sankar Smaraka Hospital 0474-2743845
Upasana Hospital 0474-2742198
AM Hospital0474-2620277

Arimala Hospital & Trauma Centre2703060, 2702260
Fathima Hospital 091 - 4994- 230524
Malik Deenar Hospital 091 - 4994 -230112
Mallaya City Hospital091 - 4994 -226818
Govt. THQ Hospital 091 - 4994 -230080
Crescent Hospital 091 - 4994 -272305
Mansoor Hospital 091 - 467-2202070
Kamath Medical Centre 091 - 4994-230004
Janardhana Nursing Home091 - 4994-234213
Prasanthi Nursing Home091 - 4994-230148
Carewell Hospital 091 - 4994-230180
Uma Nursing Home 091 - 4994-230672
Mundol Nursing Home091 - 467 - 2236345
Bakers Hospital 091 - 467 - 2236360

Century Hospital 0477-245312
Gems Hospital0479-2302495
BKM Hospital 0477-2272135
MM Hospital 0477-2452825
Lourdes Matha Hospital 0477-2212305
K.N.Sasthry Memorial 0479-2304485
Jeevan's Hospital 0478- 2872648
Goutham Hospital 0477-2276434
Mathery Hospital0477-2276252
GGR Hospital 0478-2813161
Ebenzeer Hospital 0477-2442102
Deepa Hospital 0477-2413054
CKV Hospitals 0477-2522231
City Light Hospital 0477-2415034
Central Travancore Specialist Hospital 0477-2453125
Bethestan Medical Centre 0477-2452578
Banglavil Kumaran Memorial Hospital 0477-2272265
Grace Medical Centre
Chengannur 0477-2452142
Dr. S. Ravisankar MS 0477-2301499
Trinity Medical Centre 0477-2411425
Taluk Hospital 0477-2412765
Susrutha Public Health Service Society 0477-2412472
St. Thomas Hospital 0477-2552237
St. Gregorios Mission Hospital 0477-2312465
St. Gregorios Mission Hospital 0477-2312465
St. Thomas Hospital 0477-2452937
Madhava Medical Mission 0477-2412282
Kandiyoor 0477-2305028
Vrindavan Ayurveda Hospital 0477-2302607
Sreevenkateswara Hospital 0477-2812782
Sree Rama Krishna Hospital 0477-2412469
Sree Narayana Medical Mission X-Ray Hospital 0477-2812506
SV Hospital 0477-2812451
SMM Hospital 0477-2412640
PM Hospilal 0477-2304322
St. George Hospital 0477-2443045
S.H.G. Hospital Green Gardens 0477-2812538
Pushpagiri Hospital 0477-2601341
Mary Queens Mission Hospital 0477-2630594
Mammen Memorial Hospital 0477-2452823
K.V.M. Hospital 0478-2813047
Century Hospital 0477-2453125
Aswini Ayurveda Nursing Home 0477-2303720
Srikantapuram Nursing Home 0477-2305028
Huda Trust Hospital 0479-2412005

Ashoka Hospital0495-2721123
Baby Memorial Hospital0495-2723271
Chest Hospital0495-2359645
Farooq Hospital 0495-2401008
Fathima Hospital 0495-2420524
Govt. General Hospital 0495-2365367
Karunakara Hospital 0495-2768107
Manohar Hospital 0495-2701629
Malabar Institute of Medical Science 495-2742117
Medical College 0495-2356530
Mundol Nursing Home 0495-2736345
National Hospital 0495-2723066
PVS Hospital 0495-2302541
Shiba Urological Research Centre 0495-2768777
St : Joseph Hospital 0495-2298536
Taj Hospital 0495-2365268
Vijaya Hospital 0495-2377889

Kochi, Ernaculam
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre 0484-2802000
Ernakulam Medical Centre 0484-2807101
Krishna Nursing Home0484-2368230
Lakeshore Hospital91-484-2701032
Luke Memorial Hospital0484-522123
PVS Memorial Hospital Ltd0484-23454
Specialists Hospital 0484-2395066
Vijaya Fertility Clinic Endoscopy Centre+91 484 2205261
City Hospital Padma Junction0484-2361809
Cochin Hospital0484-2378980
Cochin Port Hospital0484-2666403
Doctor's Diagnostic Centre0484-2364141
Dr.E.T.Kuriakose Eye Hospital0484 - 2376442
Gyno Speciality Hospital0484 - 2475031
Gautham Hospital0484-2210510
Indira Gandhi Co-operative Hospital0484-2314110
Kunhalu's Hospitals Pvt Ltd0484-2368451
Kusumagiri Mental Health Centre0484-2422215
Lakshmi Hospital0484-2382114
Laxmi Nursing Home 0484-2226758
Lisie Hospital 0484-2401102
Little Flower Hospital0484-2452547
Lourd's Hospital91-484-391507
MAJ Hospital0484-2346994
Medicare Hospital 0484-2382226
Muvattupuzha Medical Center0485-2812215
PNVM Hospital0484-2390097
Ranjini Eye Care0484-2301922
Saraf Memorial Hospital0484-2380452
Sree Sudheendra Medical Mission0484-2382390
Susrusha Nursing Home0484-2351371
Thachankary Medical Trust4.47969E+11
Thachankary Medical Trust4.47969E+11
Vijaya Fertility Clinic0484-2320161
Vijaya Hospital 0484-2391834

Mamtha Ayurveda Hospital 0497-2777440
K.K.Bhaskaran Vaidyar Ayurvedasaram0497-2507228
Vrindavanam Ayurveda Hospital0497-2768730
Fathima Hospital4.97271E+16
A.K.G Hospital0497-2705501
Amala Hospital0497-2491168
Asha Hospital0497-2503054
Ashirvad Hospital0497-2700076
Ashoka Hospital0497-2704688
Asraya Hospital0497-2471774
Aswini Hospital0497-2704495
B.K.M Hospital04985-204787
Beach Polyclinic0497-2760497
Cannanore Eye Hospital and Medical Centre 0497-2704661
Cannanore Urology Centre0497-2700006
Chaithanya Hospital0497-2700130
Christhuraj Hospital0497-2361236
City Hospital 0497-2712982
Crescent Hospital 0497-2704958
Deepak Nurisng Home0497-2502962
Devaki Memorial Hospital0497-2703125
Dhanalakshmi Hospital0497-2701524
Disha Hospital0497-2341946
Dr. Damodaran's Eye hospital 0497-2361425
Dr. Fathima memorial Hospital0497-2704170
Dr. Kannan Hospital 0497-2704978
G.H Thaliparambu0497-2203298
G.H Thaliparambu0497-2203298
Govt Hospital 0497-2473500
Govt Hospital0497-2775030
Govt Hospital0497-2503130
Govt. Hospital0497-2503130
Lourde Hospital04982-203137
M.K Ummerkoya Memorial Hospital Complex0497-2760250
M.M General Hospital0497-2778531
Malabar Hospital0490-2491269
Mission Hospital0497-2240840
Modern Multi Speciality Hospital0497-2778531
Moopans Hospital 0497-2704787
Mukunda Hospital0497-2702939
Muppan's Hospital 0497-2704787
Nayanar Memorial Hospital0497-2202638
Nova Medical Centre0497-2323293
P K M Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Centre 0497-2203954
P V M Hospital 0497-2778477
Pariyaram Medical College Hospital0497-2800364
Payyanur Medicare Centre04985-207372
Rajeswari Hospital0497-2768378
Razlok Hospital0497-2704210
Santosh Hospital0497-2342702
Shemy Hospital0497-2341776
Shravana ENT Hospital0497-2700404
SM Hospital0497-2704520
Speciality Hospital0497-2712770
St. Joseph's Hospital04982-245223
Ummen's Eye Hospital0497-2768213
Unity Health Centre0497-2341619
Vimala Hospital0497-2312323
Sanjivin Vaidyasala 0497-2670643
Dr.Priyadharsan's E.N.T.Clinic 0497 - 2700268
Sree Sadan Ayurveda Oushadhasala 0497 - 2703496

Fort Hospital(0491) 2528200
Lakshmi Nursing Home(0491) 2539999
Palakkad Poly Clinic(0491) 2534192
Palat Memorial Hospital(0491) 2533869
Sai Nursing Home(0491) 2555525
Venkatesa Hospital(0491) 2535797
Assisi Hospital (0491) 2566379
Karuna Hospital(0491) 2538320
Balaji Hospital(0491) 2522879
City Hospital(0491) 2520235



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