Kerala HSC Exam Time Table 2018

Kerala Board 12th Exam Time Table 2018 (Time : 10 AM to 12:45 PM)
DateDay1st Year Examination2nd Year Examination
7. March 2018WednesdayPart 2 - Language, Computer Information TechnologySocial Work, Biology, Business Studies, Computer Science,Electronics
8. March 2018ThursdayStatistics, Geology, Computer Applications, Home ScienceHistory, Islamic History and Culture, Communicative English, Electronics Service Technology
12. March 2018MondayEconomics JournalismPart 1- English
13. March 2018TuesdayChemistrySociology, Philosophy, Anthropology
14. March 2018wednesdaySociology, Philosophy, AnthropologyChemistry
15. March 2018ThursdayPart 1- EnglishEconomics Journalism
19. March 2018MondayPhysics, Geography, Music, Gandhian Studies, English Literature,Political Science, Mathematics, Sanskrit Sahitya
20. March 2018TuesdayAccountancy, Sanskrit ShastraPart 3 Languages, Psychology
21. March 2018WednesdayPart 3 Languages, PsychologyAccountancy, Sanskrit Shastra
22. March 2018ThursdayPolitical Science, Mathematics, Sanskrit SahityaPhysics, Geography, Music, Gandhian Studies, English Literature,
26. March 2018MondaySocial Work, Biology, Computer Science, Business Studies, ElectronicsPart 2 - Language, Computer Information Technology
27. March 2018TuesdayHistory, Islamic History and Culture, Communicative English, Electronic Service TechnologyStatistics, Geology, Computer Applications, Home Science

Art Subject
DateDay1st Year Examination2nd Year Examination
7. March 2018WednesdayPart 2 - LanguagesMain
12. March 2018MondayLiteraturePart 1- English
13. March 2018TuesdayMainSubsidiary
15. March 2018ThursdayPart 1- EnglishLiterature
19. March 2018MondaySanskritAesthetics
20. March 2018TuesdaySubsidiarySanskrit
26. March 2018MondayAestheticsPart 2 - Languages

Kerala Board Class 12th Results 2016

The results will be available on the following websites - or

Kerala Board 12th Exam Time Table 2017

Date 1st Year Examination2nd Year Examination
03/08/17WednesdayPart 2 - Language, Computer Information TechnologyCommunicative English, Political Science
03/09/17ThursdayPart 1- EnglishMathematics, Anthropology
13/03/2017MondayAccountancy, Gandhiyan StudiesEconomics, English Literature, Home Science
14/03/2017TuesdayHistory, Islamic History and Culture, ElectronicsChemistry, Part 3- Language, Social Work, Music
15/03/2017wednesdayStatistics, Geology, Computer ApplicationsAccountancy, Gandhiyan Studies
16/03/2017ThursdayChemistry, Part 3- Language, Social Work, MusicHistory, Islamic History and Culture, Electronics
20/03/2017MondayEconomics, English Literature, Home SciencePhysics, Journalism, Geography, Samskritam Shastra
21/03/2017TuesdayPhysics, Journalism, Geography, Samskritam ShastraStatistics, Geology, Computer Applications
22/03/2017WednesdayBusiness Studies, Electronics Service Technology,Philosophy, PsychologyBiology, Computer Science, Sociology
23/03/2018ThursdayBiology, Computer Science, SociologyBusiness Studies, Electronics Service Technology,Philosophy, Psychology
27/03/2017MondayCommunicative English, Political Science, Samskritam SahityaPart 1- English
28/03/2018TuesdayMathematics, AnthropologyPart 2 - Language, Computer Information Technology

Time Table for the Technical High School Leaving Certificate (THSLC), March 2015

MondayMar 9, 20151.45 pm to 3.30 pm Malayalam
TuesdayMar 10, 20151.45 pm to 4.30 pm English
WednesdayMar 11, 20151.45 pm to 3.30 pm Physics
ThursdayMar 12, 20151.45 pm to 4.30 pm Humanities
MondayMar 16, 20151.45 pm to 3.30 pmChemistry
TuesdayMar 17, 20151.45 pm to 4.30 pm Mathematics
WednesdayMar 18, 20151.45 pm to 3.30 pmMechanical Engineering/Computer Science & IT (IHRD)
ThursdayMar 19, 20151.45 pm to 3.30 pmElectrical Engineering / Electrical Technology II (IHRD)
SaturdayMar 21, 20151.45 pm to 5.00 pmEngineering Drawing
  1.45 pm to 3.30 pmBiology (IHRD)
MondayMar 23, 20151.45 pm to 3.30 pmTrade Theory (16 Paper shown below separately-Annexure E) Electronics II ( Trade Theory)(IHRD)
TuesdayMar 24, 20151.45 pm to 3.00 pmInformation Technology (Theory examination only to private candidates. Regarding regular candidates it will be conducted before the commencement of public examination.)

  1. Indian Standard Time should be followed.
  2. On any account the examinationshall not be postponed unless there is a direction issued by the Commissioner for Government Examination. The above schedule should be strictly followed even one or more days mentioned in the time table aredeclared as holidays
  3. The period from 1.45 pm to 2.00 pmwill be considered as "cool off time".

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