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Delhi Municipal Elections

Dark clouds ahead for Aam Aadmi Party? If media is to be believed, BJP is retaining its hold over all the three Municipal Corporations. They are likely to improve their presence in all the three and as per Exit Polls, it may be 10% or less which will be split between AAP & Congress and, that also in equal number. If these Exit Polls are believed then it will be fair to say that there [...]

highway liquor ban

The Liquor Ban The Supreme Court of India issued a ban on sale of liquor and spirits within 500 metres of any national or state highway from 1 April, 2017. The mandate affects not only shops but also bars, restaurants, and hotels that are located on highways across the country. The state governments were asked to ensure that no liquor serving establishment is either visible or easily accessible from any of the highways. A number [...]

Healthy Diet for Summer

Summers have arrived with a vengeance. The heat is on with many places in India already touching the dreaded 40+ deg temperature zone, and it is only April end. It is of utmost importance that we keep our body cool internally by following the right kind of regulated diet. Air-conditioners and fans only give external relief. To stay away from the summer borne diseases and keep the body cool, one needs to follow a few [...]

selfie craze among youth

Selfie mania is sweeping the world and India has the dubious distinction of being the leading nation to record maximum selfie-triggered deaths followed by Pakistan, USA and Russia, according to a study by Carnegie Mellon University in the US. Taking selfies can be fun and that was the idea behind the developers of the selfie camera but little did the technovators realize that latent narcissism among people, especially the youth, will create an obsession for [...]

Essay on Earth Day

April 22. That day again when we post a beautiful picture on Facebook or Twitter, greet each other on World Earth Day, appreciate the school going kids who bring home a plant and go on with our lives as usual. This year, let’s do something different. Let us commemorate Earth Day as it should be – by celebrating the Earth and its abundance, by pledging to protect the greenery, the natural resources, the beauty and [...]

cbse and ncert books

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has warned its affiliated schools across the country to stop forcing students to buy expensive textbooks published by private publishers in place of those published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and the CBSE which come at much more nominal rates. To make up for the shortage, the CBSE had asked schools to raise online indent for NCERT textbooks. More than 2,000 schools had [...]

Arunachal Pradesh Conflict

Over reaction to anything backfires and China knows this truth very well. The manner in which Beijing has angrily reacted to the Dalai Lama’s recent week-long visit to Arunachal Pradesh, India’s Northeastern state, it doesn’t appear China believes in patience or diplomatic negotiations to iron out problems. First, it threatened India through its mouth piece China Daily newspaper that “if New Delhi Chooses to play dirty… Beijing should not hesitate to answer blows with blows.” [...]

donald trump signs h1B visa order

With virtually nothing to show in three months of his presidential term, Donald Trump’s way of fulfilling poll promises has potential to harm American interests in general. In one go the maverick American President, who has earned brickbats than any bouquet, signed on 18 April an executive order on stricter enforcement of H-1B visa, a non-immigrant visa which allows US employers to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialized occupations like Information Technology. Over the past [...]

ban on red beacons

No More Red Beacon Lights In what has been lauded as a progressive and pertinent move, the Union Cabinet decided to ban the use of red beacons atop cars and vehicles of all VIPs. This includes the vehicles belonging to politicians, bureaucrats, and government officials. The ban is likely to be imposed from 1 May 2017. The government has come up with a no exception rule. This means that vehicles of the Prime Minister, Union [...]

April 19, 2017
Panshet Water Park

Panshet Water Park, Pune, is one of the most popular attractions of the city, and is a water-sports centre. Nestled in a beautiful locale amidst the Sahyadari Montains, Panshet Water Park lies between two important dams, Varasgaon and Panshet. The park is located close to other tourist attractions like Raigad Fort, Singad Fort and Khadakwaska Dam. Located just 45 Km South-West of Pune and 910 mtrs above sea level, Panshet is a perfect weekend getaway. [...]